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About Us


SILVERCUTE has been committed to designing and providing affordable and collectible cute 925 silver jewelry for women around the world ever since 2009 when SILVERUCTE was founded in Los Angeles by jewelry designer Ella Smith.


2009-2012 Early Years

After graduated from California College of the Arts, Ella Smith decided to return home to Los Angeles to find her career. On a cozy winter morning, she woke up and find her cat cutey was lying on her hair. An idea comes to her mind, she draws a few sketches of the cat-shaped necklace and earrings and got many compliments from families and friends. Ella Smith decided to turn the sketches into jewelry pieces and to do her own business. The precious metal 925 silver captured her heart for its natural malleability, Incredibly Durability, and aseptic advantages, then Ella finds one of her friend who was engaged in silver jewelry manufacturing to make her jumping cat collection. Then she opened very first online jewelry store SILVERCUTE and it turns out to be a great success.      


Driving by growing demand, Ella Smith hired a few local co-workers who have a passion for designing and making silver jewelry. Inspired by the natural beauty of pet and animals, SILVERCUTE designed a wide variety of feminine necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, and personalized jewelry to let women feel special. Except from 925 silver, more high-quality materials like rhodium, freshwater pearl, AAA cubic zirconia stones, and Topaz has been used to add more luster and sparkles. Each year, SILVERCUTE provide thousands of delicate 925 silver jewelry to women around the world through the official SILVERCUTE online store. 


SILVERCUTE vision is to provide sweet and cute 925 silver jewelry for women with an affordable and collectible price, so all household can own one or two or several pieces. SILVERCUTE means cute silver jewelry encourages the appreciation of pet and animal beauty.


SILVERCUTE now provided a sustainable job for 200 co-workers to support their family and also provide them training and comfortable working environment.
Each year, SILVERCUTE will donate 2% of whole year profit to Los Angeles No-kill animal shelters and animal Lifesaving and Adoption Centers. And believe a small act can make a difference.